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 First Meeting of Human Rights Training for Local and Regional Governments


On Monday, 9 May, led by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR), a meeting on human rights training for local and regional governments was held online. European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, United Cities and Local Governments, and Gwangju International Center were present to share the programs and projects each organization is conducting and to discuss better ways to collaborate on human rights training.


Elena Ippoliti from the UN OHCHR Education and Training Unit delivered the presentation titled ‘Human Rights Training Methodology explaining principles for effective human rights training, training cycle, and training needs assessment, as well as providing tips on human rights training for local governments. Paulina Tandiono, representing OHCHR’s METS (Methodology, Education, and Training Section), shared methods for effective and satisfying online training by pointing out the growing necessity of online training programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Q&A session and related discussion were followed by a presentation on human rights training methodology, and each organization’s representatives described the human rights programs conducted by their organization in the past, while highlighting the importance of cooperation among partners.


In the upcoming meetings, the organization representatives are expected to discuss ways of better collaborating on human rights training for local and regional governments.