World Human Rights Cities Forum

The World Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF) is held as an annual event in Gwangju, Republic of Korea, to realize the vision of becoming a human rights city since 2011. The Forum has become a gathering place to share the spirit of justice and community, the same values under which the citizens of Gwangju resisted against the ruthless oppression of the then military regime in May 1980. Within the WHRCF participants exchange experiences on challenges and achieved successes on human rights especially at local level while expanding their own scope of understanding. Now, the Forum has become a major human rights event and distinctive platform for sharing and networking amongst human rights cities, human rights organizations, activists, and miscellaneous stakeholders in the area of human rights.

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Vision and Strategy
The Spread of Human Rights Cities through Sharing and Solidarity

Collaboration with International HR Organizations

· Establishing partnerships with international organizations such as OHCHR, UNESCO, and UCLG

· Discussing on Human Rights Council Resolution 39/7 ‘Local Governments and Human Rights’

· Organizing a regular session with international Human Rights organizations

· Sharing and discussing international Human Rights City issues

Exchanges and the Spread of Human Rights Cities

· Implementing a project to foster expansion of Human Rights Cities at home and abroad

· Discovering and promoting projects suggested in the UN Human Rights Council Resolutions on ‘Local Governments and Human Rights’

· Sharing Human Rights policies among Human Rights City

· Establishing Human Rights Cities Networks

Policy Research and Education of Human Rights Cities

· Joint research of Human Rights and paper sessions

· Establishment and management of an International Human Rights Training Center

· Joint development and management of Human Rights education programs

· Building DB based on Human Rights Cities policies