Human Rights City Gwangju
Human Rights City Gwangju
  • 2021
  • -Launching Gwangju International Human Rights Education Center(May 2020)

    -11th World Human Rights Cities Forum, co-hosting with UN organization for 2 consecutive years

    -Elected as vice-chair of UN International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities(465 cities of 96 nations)

    -Passing Legislation on Establishing and Operating National Violence Trauma Healing Center

    -Taking action against people involved in history distortion and defamation according to the revision and implementation of the Special Act On The May 18 Democratization Movement

  • 2020
  • -Publication of the ‘Gwangju Human Rights Conditions Survey’ Report

    -Establishment of Gwangju City Democratic Citizens Education Ordinance

    -Co-hosting the 10th World Human Rights Cites Forum with UN organizations (UNESCO and UN OHCHR)

    -Implementation of the National Project on Gwangju Democratic Human Rights Memorial Park

  • 2019
  • -Expansion of Human Rights Division into Bureau(Jan 2019)

    -Expanision of Human Rights-centerd Management for public corporations and municipal government funded institutes

    -Expanision of Human Rights Impact Evaluation(Events hosted by public corporations)

    -Implementation of public officers’ Human Rights Training in Asia

  • 2018
  • -Introduction of Human Rights-centered Management for public coporations and muncipal government funded institutes

    -Publication of Human Rights White Paper(2016-17)

    -Commencement of Aid Project for the victims of state violence in Asia

  • 2017
  • -Establishment of 2nd Phase Framework Plan on Human Rights Promotion and City(2018-22)

    -Introduction of Human Rights Impact Evaluation

    -Launch of 'Gwangjuinkkotjigi'(Gwangju People Bearing Flowers), a civic activity group on human rights

  • 2016-
  • -Adoption of ‘Local Governments and Human Rights Report’ as a UN OHCHR Offcial Report

    -Expansion and reognization of Gwangju Asia Share Council

    -Publication of Human Rights White paper (2014-15)

  • 2014
  • -Publication of Human Rights White paper(2012-13)

    -Launch of Gwangju Asia Emergency Relief Council

  • 2013
  • -Introduction of Human Rights Ombudsman Policy

    -Creation of Human Rights villagess through citizen autonomy

    -Intiation of Cooperative project with Human Rights Organizations

  • 2012
  • -Enactment and Declaration of the Gwangju Human Rights Charter

    -Development of the 100 Human Rights Index

    -Implementation of public officers’ Human Rights Training

    -Constitution of the 1st Human Rights Promotion Citizens Committee

    -Establishment of 1st Phase Framework plan on Human Rights Promotion and City(2012-16)

    -Operation of Joint Conference of Human Rights Policy

    -Establishment and operation of Gwangju Trauma Center

    -Establishment and operation of democracy human rights portal

    -Weekly Commemoration of the Universal Declaration of Human rights

  • 2011
  • -Host the World Human Rights Cities Forum

  • 2009
  • -Enactment of Gwangju Metropolitan Government Framework Ordinance on Human Rights: First in the Nation

    -Establishment of Division on Human Rights: First in the Nation

    -Open appointment of human rights officer

    -Operation of Human Rights Policy Round Table