Meetings marked with ** are only available to invited participants and officials.

10.10 (MON)09:00 ~ 16:00KOR
room 214 Training for Korean Human Rights Education Teachers **

10.10 (MON)09:00 ~ 11:20KOR, ENG
Side Events Human Rights Tour Ⅰ
Chonnam National University → May 18th National Cemetery → Kimdaejung Convention Center (By bus)

Human Rights Dark Tour will offer a chance to travel back to May 1980, a critical juncture of the Korean modern history in which people fought and struggled for realizing democracy. Part 1 will provide participants with a chance to look around historical sites of 5‧18 Democratization Movement while listening to stories back then and to take a moment for commemorating victims as well.

*Part 1 is only available to invited participants.

10.10 (MON)13:00 ~ 15:30KOR, ENG
room 209-210 UNESCO Master Class Gwangju Series
Youth Actions in Response to Online Discriminations

y, Gwangju Metropolitan City, as the lead city of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Coalition of Cities Against Discrimination (UNESCO APCAD), organized the UNESCO Master Class Gwangju Series to foster the next generation of anti-discrimination leaders. Specifically, the Gwangju Series was designed under the theme of "Youth's Action Against Online Discriminations", focusing on the rapidly increasing online hate speech, which has been proven to become more severe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special Lecture
Michal Balcerzak

Vice-Chairperson, UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination


Gwangju International Center(GIC), UNESCO, Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education

10.10 (MON)14:00 ~ 16:00KOR
room 305-306 Gwangju Citizen Action Group for Human Rights Workshop **
Joint Workshop of the 3rd Civil Human Rights Activists Group for Capability Enhancement  download Concept Note

‘Gwangju Inkkotjigi’ was launched in February 2017 in a bid to encourage citizens to monitor human rights status and to conduct relevant campaigns in their daily life. Since its opening, it has implemented various programs including constant monitoring human rights status and human rights campaigns, ultimately to contribute to promoting Gwangju as a human rights city with civil engagement. The meeting participated by citizens would enable the citizens themselves, as agents for human rights city realization, to respect others’ human rights in daily life and support for the human rights policies of Gwangju Metropolitan City. Therefore, the group ‘Gwangju Inkkotjigi’ promotes Gwangju as a human rights city that respects human dignity and value while upholding the meaning of ‘Inkkotjigi’ referring to the protector of human dignity and value as beautiful as flowers.


Gwangju Inkkotjigi

10.10 (MON)16:00 ~ 17:30KOR, ENG, KSL, CC
Convention Hall Opening Ceremony & Round Table

Opening Remarks
KANG Gijung

[Korea] Mayor, Gwangju Metropolitan City

Welcoming Remarks
LEE Jeongseon

[Korea] Superintendent, Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education

Congratulatory Remarks
JEONG Muchang

[Korea] Chairperson, Gwangju Metropolitan Council

NAM Gyuseon

[Korea] Standing Commissioner, National Human Rights Commission of Korea

KIM Joongseop

[Korea] Chairperson, WHRCF Planning Committee

  • Gabriela Ramos

    Assistant Director-General, UNESCO

  • Peggy Hicks

    Director, Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures and Rights to Development Division, UN Human Rights

  • KANG Gijung

    [Korea] Mayor, Gwangju Metropolitan City

  • Irací Hassler

    [Chile] Mayor, Santiago City

  • Ian Fry

    Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change, United Nation

  • Morten Kjaerum

    [Denmark] Director, Raoul Wallenberg Institute

  • Francisco Vera

    [Colombia] Environmental Activist, Guardians of Life

  • LEE Nagyung

    [Korea] Activist, Youth Climate Emergency Action

    #Youth #Life Ground # Degrowth

10.10 (MON)17:30 ~ 19:30KOR, ENG, KSL, CC
Convention Hall Plenary Session Ⅰ
A Human Rights-Based Approach to Mitigating and Countering Climate Change – Local Solutions to a Global Problem  download Concept Note

States - at all level - have a human rights obligation to prevent the foreseeable adverse effects of climate change and ensure that those affected by it, particularly those in vulnerable situations, have access to effective remedies and means of adaptation to protect their lives, rights and dignity. The Preamble of the Paris Agreement to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change makes it clear that all States "should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human rights". So, in the face of the exponentially increasing impacts on human rights, what role can local and regional governments play in the protection and promotion of human rights by fighting against climate change, biodiversity loss and implementing the right to a clean, safe and healthy environment? How can cities ensure that mitigation and climate change responses do not negatively affect human rights? What solutions exist when cities are quicker to respond to this global emergency than national authorities are? How can global discussions benefit from the local rights-based responses to the triple planetary crisis?

Opening Remarks
Ian Fry

Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change, United Nation

Pradeep Wagle

Chief, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Section, UN Human Rights

Closing Remarks
Amanda Flety Martinez

[France] Coordinator, UCLG-CSIPDHR

  • Linda Voortman

    [Netherlands] Co-Mayor, Utrecht City

  • Gissela Chala

    [Ecuador] Deputy Mayor, Quito City

  • Mohammed Maowlaud

    [Mali] Deputy Mayor, Gao City

  • Véronique Bertholle

    [France] Deputy Mayor, Strasbourg City

  • PARK Yong-so

    [Korea] General, Democracy, Human Rights and Peace, Gwangju Metropolitan City

  • Sonia Francine Gaspar Marmo

    [Brazil] Secretary, Human Rights and Citizenship, São Paulo

  • Sonia Zdorovtzoff

    [France] Deputy Mayor, Lyon City

  • Emile Raymond Gros Nakombo

    [Central African Republic] Mayor, Bangui City


Gwangju International Center(GIC), UN Human Rights, UCLG-CSIPDHR