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The World Human Rights Cities Forum is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

In-Person Participation


Please fill out the registration form on the website by September 26.

Receive a PersonalQR Code

The personal QR code will be sent to your email no later than October 2.


Please fill out the registration form in front of the session rooms.

Scan the PersonalQR Code

Please scan the personal QR code before you enter the session rooms.

Enjoy the Sesson!

One-time registration gives you access to all sessions!

Registration with a Charge

  • All sessions are free to attend, regardless of the participation type. Additionally, only when selecting participation 'with a charge' in the registration form, one will receive a souvenir on-site (‘Giveaway Bag’).

  • Visit the Registration Desk

    Visit the Registration Desk

    Make the Payment

    Make the Payment

    Recieve the Giveaway Bag

    Receive the Giveaway Bag

    Join the Event

    Join the Event

    Receive an Additional Gift

    Receive an Additional Gift

  • [Giveaway Bag]

    Cotton Tote Bag, T-Shirt, Local Snack + 1 Additional Gift

  • [Additional Gift]

    Perfume (The Scent of Hope), Book (“Human Acts” by Han Kang), WHRCF Notebook, Badges


  • Please make sure to prepare all relevant documents in advance to ensure your timely departure.

  • [K-ETA]

    Nationals of countries eligible for visa-free entry are required to obtain the approval of Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) before boarding a flight or ship bound for the Republic of Korea. Please be aware that approval can take more than 72 hours depending on the situation. For more details and the application process, click here.

  • [VISA]

    If you require a visa, it is recommended to apply for the visa 1.5-2 months in advance. Additionally, please note that we do not provide any documents for visa applications for general participants.



location KDJ Convention Center 30 Sangmunuriro, Seo-gu, Gwangju, Korea

All sessions except for the Opening Ceremony will take place on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Kimdaejung Convention Center (KDJ Center). The session rooms will be color-coded for participants’ convenience and easier visual navigation.

지도 이미지

Convenience Services

We are committed to ensuring that all participants can join the Forum without any inconvenience. If you require specific needs, please contact World Human Rights Cities Forum Secretariat at +82-62-226-2734 or via email (whrcf@gic.or.kr) with your request.

Interpretation Service
Interpretation Service

Sign Language (KSL, ISL),
Closed Captions (KOR, ENG),
KOR-ENG Simultaneous Interpretation
※Some services are limited to designated sessions only

Charging Facilities

Location: WHRCF Information Desk
(2nd floor)

Wheelchair and Baby Stroller Rental
Wheelchair and Baby Stroller Rental

Location: Information Desk
(1st floor)

Nursery Room
Nursery Room

Next to the Entrance to Exhibition Hall 2 (1st floor)

Accessible Toilet
Accessible Toilet

Location: Every Floor

Prayer Room

Further Notice at the Venue

텀블러 세척기
Tumbler Washer

Location: 2nd and 4th floor

Online Participation

How to participate


Click the Session in the Streaming Schedule below

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Go to the Session Page

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Click the ‘Live Streaming’

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Fill the Registeration Form

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Streaming Schedule

Sustainable Campaign

The World Human Rights Cities Forum Secretariat has put diverse efforts to consider the environmental impacts and to ensure the Forum grows together with local communities. As part of these efforts, the Secretariat has taken into consideration the essential ESG factors (Environment, Social, and Governance) in organizing and operating the World Human Rights Cities Forum. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask you to join the Sustainable Campaign by following the guidelines for participants below.

Check out the sustainability strategy for a sustainable WHRCF
  • 🚌 Transportation
  • ·Using public transportation or shuttle buses
  • ·Walking for a short distance
  • 🏠 Accommodation
  • ·Staying at eco-friendly accommodations
  • ·Using amenities and bedding multiple times
  • 🥤 Food and Beverage
  • ·Using your own tumbler
  • ·Reducing leftover food
  • ·Not using disposables (paper dishes or cups)
  • 🚫 Waste
  • ·Receiving only as many leaflets as you need
  • ·Returning and reusing reusable items (Program book, ID card’s lanyard)
  • ·Using electronic documents (QR code)
  • 🎭 Local Community Development
  • ·Getting involved in side events
  • 📷 Local Tourism
  • ·Participating in recommended tour programs
  • ·Using local restaurants
  • 🙋‍ Engagement in Decision Making Process
  • ·Voting on the next year’s WHRCF theme
  • ·Responding to the survey

Gwangju Tour Information

We provide tourist information to enjoy Gwangju, a city of taste and beauty. Please check the Gwangju attractions, tour courses, restaurants, and accommodations recommended by the Secretariat to further enjoy Gwangju's charm during the 13th World Human Rights Cities Forum.

Recommended Tours

[Recommended Attractions by Keyword]
The City of Festivals
Gwangju, The City that
Shines Brighter at Night
UNESCO Triple Crown
The Memorabilia Trove
* Images Courtesy of Omae Gwangju [Recommended Courses by WHRCF Secretariat]
Night Tour: Night’s Too
Short Regrets Tour
Leaves Tour
* Images Courtesy of Omae Gwangju

Restaurants around the Venue

The restaurants below cater for various dining preferences. For specific dining choices, please refer to the icons below.

vegan pescatarian
Cuisine Name (ENG/KOR) Menu Price (KRW) Note
Asian Chintz
Fried rice, shrimp pad thai, etc. 13,000~27,000 * Asking to exclude meat is required
Asian Indo Yasijang
Indian curry 15,000~20,000 * Halal / Five-minute drive away
Asian Ispo Ssalgugsu
Seafood rice noodles, crab meat fried rice 10,000~12,000
Cafe Das Brot
Vegan bread 2,000~7,000
Fusion Western Covent Market
Seafood pilafs, pasta, pizza 17,000~20,000 * Asking to exclude meat is required
Fusion Nangman Byeoldang
Perilla oil buckwheat noodle pasta, salad 10,000~19,000
Korean Father’s gimbab
Tuna kimbap, noodle with salad 5,000~8,000
Korean Jong-gajib Kongnamul Gugbab
Rice soup with bean sprouts 8,000
Korean Myeongpum Sangmu Patjug
Red bean noodle soup, Manila clam noodles soup 10,000

Some ingredients may vary by restaurant, so please make sure to check before ordering.


The Secretariat does not provide accommodation or reservation services for general participants. Should you need accommodation during the Forum, please check out the following information on accommodation around the venue or visit the website to find out information on accommodations and attractions in Gwangju.

Holiday Inn Gwangju

55 Sangmunuriro, Seo-gu, Gwangju

Ramada Plaza Wyndham Gwangju

149, Sangmujayu-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju

UTOP Boutique Hotel&Residence

53, Sicheong-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju

Dubai Hotel

47, Sangmubeonyeong-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju


128 Sangmupyeonghwa-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju

Shuttle Bus Schedule
Date Departure Arrival
10. 4. 15:30 UTOP 15:40 KDJ Center
18:20 KDJ Center 18:40 UTOP
10. 5. 08:10 UTOP 08:30 KDJ Center
11:50 KDJ Center 12:00 UTOP
12:20 UTOP 12:30 KDJ Center
13:30 KDJ Center 13:40 UTOP
15:10 15:20
15:20 UTOP 15:30 KDJ Center
18:20 KDJ Center 18:40 UTOP
10. 6. 08:10 UTOP 08:30 KDJ Center
09:50 10:00
12:10 KDJ Center 12:20 UTOP
12:20 UTOP 12:30 KDJ Center
13:30 KDJ Center 13:40 UTOP
15:40 15:50
15:50 UTOP 16:00 KDJ Center
19:20 19:30