2021 Call for International Speakers

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Call for International Speakers

As a way to spread awareness regarding global human rights issues as well as establish a culture grounded in human rights,

the WHRCF Secretariat is looking for qualified speakers. 


1. Participation

1) Thematic Session: the Elderly

- Topic: Rights of the Elderly in Times of Crisis

- Concept Note: The Elderly

- Presentation Contents: 20-minute presentation on the relationship between infectious disease and the elderly in the field of where applicants are working i.g. Medical Service, Social Service etc.

- Organizers: Korean Information & Referral Service Center on Aging 

2) Thematic Session: UN SDGs and Human Rights

- Topic: Inclusive Response to Climate Crisis for Sustainable Development

- Concept Note: UN SDGs and Human Rights

- Presentation Contents: 5-minute presentation on the case study of inclusive and sustainable climate crisis response in one of the following areas: gender equality, disability, children and youth, farmers and fishermen, workers, and climate refugees.

※ Note: The organizer is looking for 5-6 speakers in total from each area mentioned above. 

- Organizers: Gwangju Council for Sustainable Development, Korea Center for Sustainable Development, Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea

2. Important Dates

- Application: by July 5th

- Screening Application: by July 8th

- Announcement of Selected Applicants: July 9th

3. Provisions for Speakers

 1) On-site Speaker: Air ticket (economy class round-trip), Accommodation and Transportation in Korea

 2. Online Speaker: Honorarium around $200

  * Note: Availability for on-site participation will be decided depending on the COVID-19 situation in Korea

Please click here to apply and reach out to us (whrcf@gic.or.kr) for further inquires.