2023 The Second International Steering Committee Meeting

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The Second International Steering Committee Meeting


▲The second international steering committee meeting of the World Human Rights Cities Forum was being held online.

/ Image courtesy: Secretariat of the World Human Rights Cities Forum


The second International Steering Committee meeting was held online on April 25 to finalize the 13th WHRCF concept note and discuss the plenary session along with the invitation list. In the beginning, the Committee members exchanged constructive feedback on the draft concept note which had been revised over the last few weeks reflecting the comments from co-hosts and co-organizers. Pointing out several improvements to further clarify the context, the members agreed to put the finishing touches on the draft this week. Once the concept note is finalized early next month, it will be published on the WHRCF official website.

After that, the discussion on the plenary session was followed. While two or more plenary sessions were organized previously, it was decided to hold only one plenary session this year with all co-hosts and co-organizers involved, with the aim of improving the quality of the session as well as drawing more attention from the audience. Ms. Benedetta Cosco, Policy Officer from UCLG-CISDP, brought a draft concept note of the plenary session and gave a brief on its context and provisional structure. More specifically, under the umbrella of this year’s overall theme of “Human Rights Cities Responding to Poverty and Inequalities”, the plenary session will aim to explore innovative human rights-based initiatives towards equality at the local level to respond to the devastating impact of poverty and inequalities in cities and territories. Accordingly, many different experts and local governments will be invited to discuss the impact of poverty on cities and territories and thereafter explore human rights pathways to urban and territorial equality. Regarding the invitation of local governments, it was highlighted that having a geographical balance when inviting local governments was essential.

Moreover, the Committee members brainstormed the invitation list of main events including the Opening Ceremony, Roundtable and Plenary Session. The members proposed inviting outstanding experts in the thematic area to give a keynote speech such as Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. The representatives of each co-host and co-organizer will be also invited.


The next meeting is expected to be held on May 23 to discuss the Plenary Session and individual sessions in detail and draw up the updated invitation list.