2022 Highest Score in 2021 Events and Festivals Evaluation

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Highest Score in 2021 Events and Festivals Evaluation

According to the performance evaluation of 61 events and festivals held in Gwangju Metropolitan City throughout last year, the 11th World Human Rights Cities Forum and the operation of the International Human Rights Education Center were ranked first with the highest score. The evaluation, which comprehensively reviewed project plans, project management, and project achievement, among 61 events and festivals overviewed, only 10 projects, including the World Human Rights Cities Forum, Gwangju Media Art Festival, and Gwangju Design Biennale, were evaluated with the marks "excellent” and very good".

The World Human Rights Cities Forum, which has been organized by the Gwangju International Center since the year 2014, has established itself as a venue for continuous exchanges and solidarity both within Korea and abroad among human rights cities, human rights organizations, civil society, etc. and as such also confirmed its international status. Specifically, last year, a total of 50 programs were successfully operated online despite the difficult situation brought on by COVID-19, allowing some 3,012 people from a total of 76 countries to seamlessly participate in the Forum.

Previously, in the year 2020, the Gwangju Jeonnam Research Institute conducted a “World Human Rights Cities Forum 10-Year Evaluation and Development Plan Research’ as one of its policy studies. Mentioned in this study as the Forum’s main achievements are the continuous increase in the number of participants, the development and deepening of human rights and human rights city discourse, the expansion of human rights city networks, as well as the strengthening of the status of Gwangju as a human rights city. Meanwhile, weak agenda reception and lack of civic participation were cited as tasks to be tackled in the future. Therefore, the Forum secretariat is currently working on establishing long-term goals and development strategy for the Forum through continuous discussions with officials and experts from related agencies.