[WHRCF2022] First Meeting of International Steering Committee

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First Meeting of International Steering Committee Launched This Year


- Theme of the 12th WHRCF: Climate Change and Human Rights -



As the Forum's status has strengthened, the need and demand for discussing key agendas at the international level beyond Korea continue to increase. With the aim to reflect diverse perspectives in the Forum, World Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF) launched the International Steering Committee this year to encompass the Planning Committee and International Advisory Committee, previously operated separately. The International Steering Committee consists of 10 Korean and international members with SHIN Gyong-gu, the director of Gwangju International Center, as a chairperson. Korean members who joined the International Steering Committee as a Planning Committee member are KIM Gi-gon, a senior researcher of Regional Communities and Culture Department of Gwangju Jeonnam Research Institute, HER Chang-young, the head of Investigation Relief Team of Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education, YOON Geon-yeol, the head of Democracy and Human Rights Department of Gwangju Metropolitan City, LEE Anselmo, a professor of Kyung Hee University Global Academy for Future Civilizations, and KWARK Eun-kyung, the ecretary-general of Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF). International members who joined the committee as a representative of overseas hosts and organizers are Bahram Ghazi, human rights officer from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Linda Tinio-Le Douarin, UNESCO coordinator, Morten Kjaerum, the director of Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Amanda Martinez, coordinator of UCLG-CISDPHR. The International Steering Committee will function as a body to discuss main issues to push for the 12th WHRCF, including deciding yearly theme, finalizing the Forum concept note, and composing the Forum declaration.


On 14 March, the 1st International Steering Committee meeting was held to decide on a theme for this year’s Forum. Prior to the meeting, the Planning Committee proposed three possible themes, based on the suggestions from the Planning Committee and International Advisory Committee members. The proposed theme were as follows “New Technology and Human Rights”, “Climate Change and Human Rights”, and “Urban Space/Built Environment and Human Rights.” After a prolific discussion among the Korean and international members, the theme of the 12th WHRCF was decided as “Climate Change and Human Rights.” Furthermore, the need to deal with the key issues in our society, such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), New Urban Agenda, new technologies, education, and youth through sub-themes was highlighted. Finally, linking the Forum theme and discussion with priorly existing networks, including UN-Habitat and UNESCO Cities Platform, was emphasized.


In the upcoming 2nd meeting scheduled for 28 March, the Forum concept note is expected to be finalized.