2021 Gwangju City, UN OHCHR, UCLG Discussion on the Myanmar Crisis

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Gwangju Metropolitan City, UN OHCHR, UCLG 

Discussion on the Myanmar Crisis



LEE Yong-sup, Mayor of Gwangju, Co-president of UCLG’s Committee on Social inclusion and Human rights (CSIPDHR) held a consultation conference with Ms. Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Ms. Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and UCLG Special Envoy for the UN.  

The Gwangju Metropolitan City, the UN Human Rights Office, and the UCLG discussed the prevailing human rights situation in Myanmar and explored the work of each entity in promoting and protecting human rights.

The conference was initiated by Mayor LEE’s proposal to Ms. Michelle Bachelet. And Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and UCLG Special Envoy, shared the visions of UCLG Presidency. Morten Kjaerum, Director of RWI and Ms. Emilia Saiz, the Secretary-General of UCLG, also participated to support the discussion.

Mayor LEE suggested two action plans, requesting that a joint response be taken by the United Nations and local governments around the world so that the painful history of Gwangju in 1980 when people fought in isolation will not be repeated in Myanmar today.”

First, Mayor LEE suggested that the member cities of UCLG CSIPDHR issue a joint statement calling for the protection of the human rights of the people of Myanmar. In addition, he recommended that the member cities of UCLG carry out various forms of activities that suit each circumstance to support the democratic movement in Myanmar.

Ms. Michelle Bachelet elaborated on the measures so far taken by the United Nations and welcomed the initiative of local governments, including Gwangju, to show solidarity to the people of Myanmar. She reiterated the readiness of her Office to provide the  member cities of UCLG with the assistance and support commensurate with her mandate.

Mayor Colau, UCLG’s Special Envoy to the UN, recalled the statement published by UCLG in February and expressed her support to the initiative of Mayor Lee to raise international awareness regarding the situation in Myanmar.


The Gwangju Metropolitan City and the United Nations Human Rights Office have been co-hosting the World Human Rights Cities Forum since 2020. Also, the UCLG- CSIPDHR, the co-organizer of the forum, and the Gwangju Metropolitan City, the co-chair city of the UCLG- CSIPDHR committee, have been closely working with each other.