2020 Letter from Morten Kjærum (Director of RWI)

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Dear All, 

It was a very strange Monday morning without the Gwangju meeting in the calendar, for long it has been such a nice beginning of the day and the week.

I have truly enjoyed the frankness, the creativity and in particular the friendliness and laughs that have characterised our collaboration for the past many months. Assessed at this early stage after the event, I believe the result was way better than expected: rich discussions in many panels that will be referred to beyond the Forum, better sense of a community and a stronger by-in from everybody.  So, there is a lot to build on.

A particular thanks of course to the dream team in Gwangju headed brilliantly by Prof Shin.

Thanks for your tremendous efforts and your deep commitment, which is so stimulating for the deliberations.

I look forward to the continued collaboration, and today I have no doubt that in this decade this will be one of the most important movements in the human right area.

Very warm wishes to all

Morten Kjærum