2019 VOL.4 Preview of Thematic Session Part (2)

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[Preview of The 9th World Human Rights Cities Forum ver3.]

The 9th World Human Rights Cities Forum Program
Thematic Session (2)

[Photo: World Human Rights Cities Forum 2018_City and Children Session] 

The 9th World Human Rights Cities Forum (Sep 30th - Oct 3rd) will delve into the issue surrounding its theme: "Local Governments and Human Rights: Reimagining the Human Rights Cities."

Following our 5th newsletter, The 'Disability' sessions will be held on the second day of the forum (Oct 1.) from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Also the 'Children', and 'Environment' session will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m the next day (Oct 2.)

The 'Disability' thematic session will point out the policy of deinstitution-independent living, which is being promoted by local governments and identify the current status of the five year of its policy. It will be a great opportunity for Gwangju to find the concrete practice how to make the environment for people with disabilities to survive in the community without supported accommodation. Moreover, Janet Doughty, Commissioner Officer of Royal Commission will have a presentation of the New Zealand's recent history of deinstitutionalisation and The new approach to disability support in New ZealandNew Zealand's recent history of deinstitutionalisation.

In addition, the 'Environment’ thematic session will look into the garbage problem which is finally discarded after being distributed and consumed in the city. We will share the idea of how to solve the environmental problems in the urban area. In particular, we will point out problems with plastic waste and seek alternative solutions. In this connection, MeadhbhBolger, Resource Justice Campaigner is going to talk about the Europe policy of plastic waste.

As for the 'Children' thematic session, we would like to answer a question in the forums; Is the human rights of children guaranteed in the human rights city of Gwangju? We will scope out the global situation of child rights and identify challenges for the local community level. We would like to propose the policy tasks that the human rights city Gwangju should promote to ensure the human rights of children. ARAMAKI Shigeto professor of Yamanashi Kakuin University will tallk about the current issue of the children’s human rights and the solutions.

The rest of the areas will be covered in the next newsletter. Moreover, we would like to inform you that online pre-registration of WHRCF is now available on our website (www.whrcf.org) until Sep 22. For those who pre-registered, we will offer the child day care service and free drinks.