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HANDBOOK/PROGRAM BOOK Correction Announcemnet

페이지 정보

Data17-09-15 16:53


★ Apologize For Providing Incorrect Information on Program Book and Handbook


September 16 Schedule Correction
T4 City and Child,Youth Education 09:00~12:00
T5 Viilage Democracy 09:00~12:00
E2 Human Rights Presentation 09:00~12:00
E3 Agora 09:00~13:00

O3 Closing Luncheon 12:00~13:00 

T6 City and Environment 13:00~16:00

T7 State Violence and Human Rights 13:00~16:00

T8 Disability and Human Rights 13:00~16:00

T9 Migrants,Refugees and Human Rights 13:00~16:00

O4 Closing Ceremony 16:00~17:00

I am sorry to have confused you.

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