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‘AGORA’ Application Guidelines

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World Human Rights Cities Forum 2017

‘AGORA’ Application Guidelines

AGORA' is space to be aimed at free discussion and exchanging opinions among the forum participants. We are looking forward to seeing many people join in AGORA



Participants : Guest Speakers and General Participants of WHRCF 2017

 Operational Purpose : WHRCF 2017 Participants' Various Exchange and Networking Support

Venue : Kimdaejung Convention Center, 208

Period : Friday, September 15 ~ Saturday, September 16

 - Friday, September 15 : 09:00-17:00

  - Saturday, September 16 : 09:00-13:00

Operation : Workshop, Meeting, Lecture, Exhibition etc


- ‘AGORA’ Operating hours are up to 2 hours

Promotion of the program is available on the WHRCF official website 

After using provided supplies, participants will put them back in place

Several programs can take place simultaneously depending on the contents

❍ Supplies: Podium(1), Bean Scree(1), Laptop(1), Microphone(5), Speaker(1), Chairs(60), Table(15)



How to apply

Period : Monday, August 28 ~ Sunday, September 3

Form :

Selection CriteriaContents(Related to Human Rights) Number of participants International Meeting preferred (English Speaking/Multinational) 

Announcement : September 5 / Official Website and Notified individually



Official Website :

  ❍ WHRCF Secretariat : KIM Jieun (070-4266-1846,

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