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2023 [Right to Housing] KIM Joojin Full Paper

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Current status and challenges of public housing projects in downtown jjokbang village

-Focusing on public housing project around jjokbang village in Yeongdeung-po

#JjokbangVillageInYeongdeung-po #ResidentsOfJjokbang #PublicHousingProject 

KIM Joojin [Research Fellow, Land and Housing Institute]

1. Introduction

□ Background and purpose

The underlying principle of the public housing project in jjokbang village in Yeongdeungpo is “Prior Relocation in Virtuous Cycle”. This advanced model intends to guarantee the rights to housing for residents of jjokbang and enhance housing welfare, which is expected to garner high attention from the public and at the same time to face many challenges. 




In so doing, the district plan could be practically improved by taking into account impacts on local community as well as on residents themselves. To make it realized, the public operators need to conduct a prior research on social and economic characteristics, status of housing, and demand for relocation and resettlement, of which costs need to be supported by the central or local governments.