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2023 [Disability] YEOM Jiae Discussion Paper

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Working environment for people with disabilities at vocational rehabilitation facilities

YEOM Jiae [Policy Planning Team Leader, Gwangju Metropolitan City Support Center for the Disabled]

As previously mentioned in “The reality of poverty and income inequality for people with disabilities,” the high poverty rate of people with disabilities in their 30s and 40s when they should be actively working in the labor market, the poverty gap that persists beyond their 50s, and the low share of earned income among disabled households suggests the poverty of people with disabilities who want to work but have no place to work, and the poverty of those who do not get better even though they work.




Rather than having to endure poor working conditions 

and wages because of a disability, I hope that people with disabilities will be able 

to participate in society through work and improve their standard of living with the 

income, allowing each person to pursue their dreams.