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2023 [Disability] WOO Jeonggyu Discussion Paper

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Proposing Value Model for Jobs of Persons with Severe Disabilities beyond Labors Centering around Capability, Rehabilitation, and Productivity

: Based on public jobs personalized for persons with severe disabilities centering around their right(hereinafter referred to as right-based public jobs)

WOO Jeonggyu [Activist, Association of Right-based Public Jobs for the Disabled (ARPJD)]

The budget plan for 2024 announced by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in August 2023 provides us with an opportunity. In income and employment sector, the government set its goal to ‘expanding employment package scheme, promoting private sector employment and creating jobs for the vulnerable by adopting early employment allowance’.




In this regard, the right-based public jobs could set some precedented case beyond the type of labors. With the new movement, I expect that we could be recorded as an exemplary policy that provide support primarily to persons with severe disabilities, the most vulnerable in the labor market. Now is the time to adopt an alternative to ensure the type of labor to expand further in the public sector.