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2023 [Disability] JO Eunhye Discussion Paper

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Labor is self-esteem 

JO Eunhye [Worker of the rights-oriented public sector jobs, Yudal Center for Independent Living]

My name is Jo Eun-hye. I am a worker employed by Jeonnam Province’s right-based public job project for persons with severe disability.

According to Jeonnam Province’s original policy, this job was supposed to be terminated after seven months. 




Furthermore, these various activities we are performing make people not only recognize the existence of people with disabilities in our community, but also inform people of the inconveniences they are experiencing and what improvements they need. As we exercise our right to work through the right-based public job, the rights of more people with disabilities can be guaranteed. With this alone, the right-based public job will hold sufficient social significance and value.