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2023 [Disability] KIM Mokwon Discussion Paper

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Discussion Paper 

KIM Mokwon [Staff, Amkor Korea]

Hello, everyone. My name is Mok-Won Kim. I have intellectual disability. I am currently living in a place called ‘Woori Ville’ in Samgak-dong, Buk-gu in Gwangju. Based on the support from Gwangju Metropolitan City, ‘Woori Ville’ offers housing  and residence coaching to the individuals with developmental disabilities for two years so that they will become independent from their parents and stand on their own feet. 




I hope that they will be provided with an opportunity to work like me through diverse programs such as job rehabilitation and supported employment programs. I also wish that they will receive more job offers tailored to their needs. Last but not least, I hope that people with disabilities will be properly paid as much as they worked.

Thank you.