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2023 [Disability] CHO Yunhwa Discussion Paper

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The reality of poverty and income inequality for people with disabilities

#Poverty #TheDisabled #IncomeInequality 

CHO Yunhwa [Chief, Policy Research Independent Living Support Team, Korea Disabled People's Development Institute]

Ⅰ. Income security structure for people with disabilities in Korea

○ The Korean income security system for the disabled is operated as an income replacement benefits system for the primary to tertiary safety net against the risk of income loss for the disabled and an additional cost benefit system due to disability.




- Pension for Persons with Disabilities needs to be divided and reorganized into basic benefit, disabled children's allowance, disability allowance, and supplementary benefit system, and restructuring of the composition is necessary.

- In the long term, there is a need for reorganization into categorical disability income security system.