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2023 [Right to Housing] YOON Jongcheol Discussion Paper

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Discussion Paper 

YOON Jongcheol [Director, Gwangju Support Center for the Homeless]

Since Gwangju Stand-Again General Support Center(hereinafter referred to as ‘the Center’) opened in April 2020, the Center has surveyed the status of the homeless in Gwangju and provided services for the homeless who needed an urgent support. The Center also launched a temporary shelter project for the homeless in October 2021, and has provided temporary shelters for 114 homeless people in terms of the actual number of persons and 1,035 homeless people in terms of person-years. 




Although a partial survey was conducted on the current status of Jjokbang in Gwangju a few years ago, the issues of Jjokbang have not been fully discussed. However, it is a relief that we have now begun to discuss the issues of Jjokbang residents. I wish that Jjokbang Village will turn to a village community, not an isolated island in the city.