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2023 [Right to Housing] PARK Jongmin Discussion Paper

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We forced them into exile in the downtown 

PARK Jongmin [Policy Director, Joeun Empathy Research Institute]

Today, in Daein-dong and Gyerim-dong, Gwangju Metropolitan City, there are more than 100 people living in motels and inns that are hardly a home suitable for living. These people flocked to the motels and inns because they can’t afford a deposit or just 50,000 won per month for housing maintenance fee. 




People who have overcome many hardships and hardships to live in the human rights city of Gwangju are now sick and old, living in exile of poverty. Now we have to show them a truly welcoming civil society based on friendship and solidarity. That way, Gwangju can live up to the values of a human rights city.