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2023 [Right to Housing] LEE Donghyun Full paper

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History and Reality of Jjokbang Villages 

(referring to a village of tiny one-room residences (jjokbang) in Low-income Neighborhoods) 

– Focusing on Seoul

#Jjokbang #Development 

LEE Donghyun [Activist, The Homeless Action]

1. History of jjokbang
- Jjokbang was recognized as the last resort of low-income households at around the time when Korea went through the Asian Financial Crisis. Its history, however, dates back to the era of urbanization derived from industrialization and even back to the time of refuge and relocation due to the Korean War. 


In conclusion, we need to define jjokbang and jjokbang dwellers by combing those elements and residential characteristics and assign required services accordingly.