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2023 [Right to Housing] KIM Yonghee Full paper

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Survey and research on informal residence (motel or jjokbang) 

in Daein-dong and Gyerim 1-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju 

#Humidity #IsolatedLivingCondition #Loneliness 

KIM Yonghee [Secretary General, Gwangju Social Innovators Network] 

1. Background and purpose of the research

1) Research background

- Daein-dong once was a transportation hub of Gwangju with Gwangju Railway Station and Express Bus Terminal. It is an area where restaurants and bars were lined up on the streets and a concentrated hub of prostitutions was attracting travelers of trains and buses and workers from the surrounding business district until the 1990s. 




○ Housing and living coordinators to be required as the residents move in public housing in a better condition

- Continued support to be required as the residents move in public housing in a better condition

○ To check up life safety for informal housing dwellers

- Immediate intervention to be required for informal housing especially in terms of fire and sanitation