The Future of Human Rights Cities:
Local Memories and Global Sharing

May 17-May 20, 2020 Kimdaejung Convention Center

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The main goal of the World Human Rights Cities Forum 2019 is to review the meaning and the practical achievements of ‘Local Governments and Human Rights’.

Starting from the very first year of the World Human Rights Cities Forum, we have emphasized that local governments should play a leading role in protecting and promoting the human rights of their citizens, and have suggested ‘Human Rights Cities’ as the unit of practice. The UN Human Rights Council embraced this selecting ‘Local Governments and Human Rights’ as the agenda.

So far, we have been agonizing over how to organize a substantive human rights system to protect and promote human rights in every region, and we have also recognized that not only local governments but human rights governance through diverse agents of each region is paramount.

Even if the World Human Rights Cities Forum has changed the way we understand human rights by situating local places as a trigger of human rights issues as well as a starting point of settlement, local human rights in reality is at a different level. There are plenty of national and local governments that do not take responsibility in protecting the basic rights of their citizens. This reality is the urgent reason why we should imagine human rights cities ‘again’.

We will examine future human right issues in order to make a new leap forward through this year’s title ‘Local Governments and Human Rights – Reimagining Human Rights Cities’. To solve these problems and work out common tasks, we will discuss the new role of local governments and practical measures together.
Reestablish the meaning of ‘Human Rights Cities’ in context of present and human rights status
Redesigning human rights systems and strategies to promote substantive human rights
Preparing practical human rights agenda and collective measures together with international organizations, local governments, NGOs, and citizens
Solution Plan
Sharing human rights policy cases from human rights cities to solve regional human rights issues
Ideas of Human Rights Cities
Discovering the ideas of developing human rights cities in main agendas of human rights
Gwangju 2030 Agenda
Actualize the agenda by integrating with new urban plans of international society and finding links

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    The Future of Human Rights Cities - Local Memories and Global Sharing
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  • The Future of Human Rights Cities
    Local Memories and Global Sharing
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